International campaign ‘Discover Your Spot’ for Melanoma Foundation

The question

Millennials’ knowledge of melanoma lags significantly behind that of the rest of the Dutch population. This while melanoma is in their top 3 of the most common cancers. The Melanoma Foundation therefore asked us to make as many young people as possible aware of the importance of regularly checking the skin for suspicious spots.

How to do it. Target where most millennials can be found, speak their ‘language’, and confront them for the strongest awareness. With Spot the Dot and Hous of Bandits, we developed the campaign video Discover Your Spot, specifically for Instagram. The video begins as a vacation clip of an influencer at an idyllic lake with a waterfall. If only we discovered this spot earlier’, the narrator, the boy in the story. However, the message is seriously missed when it turns out that “this spot” does not refer to the beautiful lake, but literally to a suspicious spot on the skin of the girl in the video. She does not go to a doctor and this becomes fatal, while the chance of recovery is very high if you are there in time.

We brought the video to the attention of as many millennials as possible. By clicking further to the campaign website of the Melanoma Foundation they could learn to recognize the characteristics of a melanoma.

Our actions

  • Outline of the campaign strategy for Discover Your Spot
  • Development of the content script for the campaign video
  • Implementation and coordination of the research by research bureau PanelWizard
  • Free publicity for the campaign in news and trade media
  • Selection of the most suitable media partners for guaranteed publicity in news media and on social media
  • Selection of the most appropriate influencers to distribute the campaign video on Instagram
  • Creation of content for all social channels of the Melanoma Foundation
  • Creation of content for the social channels of international partners
  • Managing the Melanoma Foundation’s social channels during the first week of the campaign
  • Boosting the reach of the campaign video via Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

The results

The campaign was all about the reach among millennials and it was huge. An overview: 125,000 people saw the video pass by in the Melanoma Foundation’s Facebook post. On the Melanoma Foundation Instagram, there were about 100,000 and on YouTube, the video was viewed almost 42,000 times.

The partnerships with, and twelve different influencers resulted in almost 100,000 views of the video in the stories and 50,000 views in the feeds on Instagram.

Furthermore, the campaign received ample attention in the news media and in professional media about health, lifestyle and communication. Hart van Nederland made a report for TV and NOS op 3 devoted a video item to it for their website. Trouw,, and wrote articles about it and there were numerous publications in the trade media.