Investing your money in child labour, weapons, animal cruelty and fossil fuels? We’d rather not! Still, research done by Motivaction showed that a lot of millennials don’t know where banks invest their money in. By choosing the right bank you can make a huge difference. For example, ASN Bank: the sustainable bank in the Netherlands.

ASN Bank invests in companies and projects who make a positive impact on our planet. It’s important that millennials are aware of this.

Approach: influencer marketing targeting millennials

De Wolven believes in positive communication: no doom scenario but contributing by offering solutions that make a difference. Together with Metro, Vice and satiric news platform De Speld we published a series of articles about how the choice of your bank influences contributing to a better world.

And, if you want to reach millennials, you’ll have to work with influencers. ASN Bank organized sustainable festival ACT. This event was entirely about making sustainable choices. De Wolven approached several ‘sustainable influencers’ and asked them to post about the festival before, during and after the event so that their followers would learn about the message the ASN Bank wants to spread.

The result: sustainable tips for followers

The festival was completely sold out. A couple of micro-influencers such as Growthinkers, Lauresque, A Sustainable Mess and Puur Suzanne inspired their followers with sustainable tips they learned at the festival.

Marre de Visser, pr-advisor

A change in behaviour is possible with small steps and if sustainable success stories get a lot of positive publicity. This was our key message in our communication for ASN Bank. It sounds easy, but our strategy was a success because we focused on millennials who were willing to listen to the message ASN Bank wanted to spread. That audience is the easiest to convince.


ASN Bank
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ASN Bank: How to convince millennials to choose a sustainable bank?