The question

The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, which has been De Wolven’s client since the foundation, existed for five years on 1 October 2017. Of course, that had to be celebrated. Time to look back on all human rights issues that the Institute has brought to the attention during this period. But more importantly: raising awareness that all people in the Netherlands have the right to life, name, nationality, housing, marriage, care, work and leisure. These human rights are for all of us, without exception. But how could they ensure publicity around the fifth anniversary, the Institute asked De Wolven.

Our actions

  • Congratulatory cards: those who have a birthday party hand out. In collaboration with Het Ontwerpbureau, we developed a set of congratulatory cards to congratulate someone with a new job, birthday, declaring love or wishing well-being. All 7 themes had a link with human rights. In the weekend of 1 October, promotional teams handed out the cards throughout the Netherlands.
  • Media partnerships: in addition to the card campaign for the public, both the Institute and De Wolven wanted to be assured of publications in the media, so we decided to focus on media partnerships. Preferably with the widest possible reach among Dutch people aged 18 to 80 years. We chose to work with AD and VICE.
    • VICE wrote 2 branded content articles for which the Institute and De Wolven collected all relevant information. Furthermore, VICE wrote 6 articles sponsored by the Institute on human rights issues such as domestic violence, discrimination, poverty and life with disabilities, from the point of view of young people.
    • In the weekend magazine of the AD and all regional titles, a 8-page special has been published about the Institute. De Wolven took care of the entire coordination: from the layout of the pages and the collection of the necessary information, to the coordination with the Institute and De Persgroep, the journalist, the photographer and the designer.

The results

Both the Institute, De Persgroep and VICE were very pleased with the collaboration. The special in the AD and the regional titles has fallen on the mat of more than three million addresses. More than six million visitors saw the banners online at the advertorial on and, which has been read 13,000 times. And the articles on VICE? In total 494,471 impressions and 64,743 reads.

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights
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Awareness campaign – 5 years jubilee