The question

Did you know that regularly checking your skin can literally save your life? The chance does not exist, because more than half of the Dutch from 20 to 50 years checks his or her skin too little or never at suspect spots. Yet it is of vital importance: as many as 99% of patients with melanoma cancer survive the disease through early detection. In other words, the highest time to make the Dutch more aware. That is why De Wolven, in collaboration with Operator Studios, developed the #checkjezelf (#checkyourself) campaign for the Melanoma Foundation.

Our actions

  • Creating the campaign name #checkjezelf
  • Instigating a survey via research agency PanelWizard. This research revealed various media-worthy results
  • Generating publicity in the media
  • Creating content for the Facebook page and Twitter account of the Melanoma Foundation
  • Daily managing the Facebook page, Twitters account and YouTube channel of Stichting Melanoom
  • Boosting the reach of the campaign video via YouTube and Facebook

The results

The launch of #checkjezelf and the results of the survey accounted for a true free publicity offensive. Some highlights:

  • Plenty of attention for the importance of checking yourself regularly and for Stichting Melanoom in both RTL Late Night and Algemeen Dagblad.
  • Reports about the campaign and the research results featured on NOS Journaal and RTL Nieuws.
  • Melanoma patients told their experience stories online at NOS op 3. This article was read more than 100,000 times and was the best-read story that day on the NOS app.
  • And last but not least: an article on the front page (as well as on the third page) of De Telegraaf.

All publicity had a joint free publicity value of over 450,000 euros. The campaign film was also viewed 172,000 times via Facebook and generated over 143,000 views on YouTube.

Ultimate result

A few months after the campaign RTL Nieuws came with an item about the effects of the campaign. GP’s and dermatologists had noticed an increasing amount of people dropping by for a skin check!

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