The question

During the week 15-19 January, the circular economy is buzzing: over 40 circular leaders, from carpet maker to bank, open their doors. Their goal? To inspire others to get started with circular entrepreneurship. In other words: no linear economy, but a system where products and raw materials are reused as much as possible. De Wolven had the task of generating publicity around the third Week of the Circular Economy and helping organisers to do their own PR.

Our actions

  • Creating an extensive toolkit with tips and tricks about publicity, which served as a handbook for everyone who organised an event during the Week of the Circular Economy;
  • Giving PR workshops in which organisers learned how to generate publicity around their own event;
  • Generating publicity around the Week of the Circular Economy and the first Circular Award, which marked the start of the Week;
  • Organising an event during the Week: an inspiration session about circular successes in the media.

The results

No less than 434 different publications in various media, from national to regional. With a total reach of more than 16 million views and an advertising value of more than € 420,000, the media attention was enormous. National print publications in, among others, FD, Trouw, Volkskrant and NRC Next. Online publications on the websites of, among others,, Het Parool, Telegraaf, NRC, RTL Z, RTL News, BNN Vara, AD, HP de Tijd, Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven en Duurzaam Nieuws.

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Campaign: The Week of the Circular Economy 2018