“Many people make us think that climate change doesn’t really concern us, but in the end we are the first generation to notice the effects of climate change and the last generation to be able to do something about it,” Jelle Mul, European marketing manager Patagonia.

You need heroes who motivate you to do or think differently. This also applies to circular entrepreneurship. Because it is precisely in this area that it is important to have figureheads that activate others to take the next step. After all, every step is one, wherever you are as an entrepreneur. That is why we developed the Circular Action Heroes campaign together with Circl and Freshmen Media. We share the personal stories of people behind the circular successes. What motivates them to take the next step towards a sustainable future?

Approach: circular action heroes in the spotlight

With the campaign we give a face to heroes from various branches throughout the year. All of them entrepreneurs who want more than just producing something beautiful and generating profit with it. The emphasis is therefore not so much on what they make or do, it is their intrinsic motivation that counts. What is someone’s drive to take action for a better world and why is cooperation key in this?

During the Week of the Circular Economy 2019, the campaign kicked off with three heroes who make the fashion industry more sustainable. In collaboration with the Persgroep, articles appeared in the Volkskrant and Het Parool, and in-article videos on relevant news sites. The personal stories are from Marlot Kiveron (product & CSR manager Ace & Tate), Jelle Mul (European marketing manager Patagonia) and Ista Boszhard and Cecilia Raspanti (founders Textile Lab). With the inspiring portraits, Circl activated other entrepreneurs to take steps towards a circular world.

Result: unexpected collaborations

With the Circular Action Heroes campaign, Circl has managed to reach a large part of the Dutch population. The campaign produced almost 2 million impressions of which more than 40% of the people had completely watched the videos. A great result!

In addition, the campaign also produced successes for the participating heroes themselves. From free publicity to a new sustainable supplier and a new project for Ace & Tate.

Zoé Déjean, PR-advisor

“With the campaign, we want to get people moving to take the next circular step. An awareness campaign that preferably also causes behavioral change. We achieve this with the campaign by sharing inspiring examples. I believe in the power of positive communication. It is therefore great to see that the campaign led to new collaborations for Ace & Tate. ”

Became curious? View the campaign on www.circl.nl.

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Circular Action Heroes campagne: on the way to a sustainable future