WPG Uitgevers is an independent group of media companies with its origins in the former resistance magazine Vrij Nederland. With media outlet brands such as Vrij Nederland, De Bezige Bij, Voetbal International, Happinezz and AW Bruna, WPG is an important player in the publishing industry. The organisation wants to make that visible to its stakeholders by drawing attention to the WPG brand.

Approach: development of corporate story and implementation on location

Branding the company WPG with a clear and sharp corporate story. That is something De Wolven likes to work hard for. Together with the WPG team we worked on a corporate story and developed a communication plan to make it subsequently visible. As an interim communications manager we we were responsible for setting up the corporate communication department and all corporate communications.

Result: communication part of strategy

We translated the corporate story into texts for the website, job vacancies and a key message for the media and social media. A structure has been added to the communication and subsequently a communication advisor has been appointed to further develop corporate communication.

Leonne van de Ven, ceo

“It is great to occasionally work as an interim professional at a clients location. This way you feel the culture and you know even better how communication can make a structural contribution to the goals of the organisation. In addition, it is a gift to work for a media company.”

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