April 2020 composer and singer Bec Plexus (Brechtje van Dijk, 1993) released her debut album Sticklip. A record with vocals, drums, synthesizers and groundbreaking electronics à la Björk, Goldfrapp and Frank Zappa. Plexus is no stranger to Dutch art music. She studied composition at the Conservatory in Amsterdam, was a guest with piano-playing dogs in the television program Vrije Geluiden and wrote an opera and compositions for the Nederlands Kamerkoor and Nieuw Ensemble, among others. With her album Sticklip, she turns the tables: eight famous composers wrote the songs for her, she looked for suitable musicians for each piece to complete the sound.

Plexus planned two release shows during Rewire Festival in The Hague and at Subbacultcha in nightclub De School in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. So she decided to go online! The “Bec Plexus’ 24h Livestream Release Party” was organized on YouTube and Facebook. De Wolven supported Plexus in bringing her first album to the attention!

Approach: personal media approach 
Sticklip is an album with a story. The first challenge was to put this story on paper in the right way. For the planned release shows, we sent an invitation to journalists with interest in music. A week before the album officially released, we approached relevant media to pitch the story, and we issued a press release.

The result is two beautiful publications on VPRO 3voor12|3voor12, an article in NRC and on Gonzo(circus).

Anne van den Nulft, PR advisor
“It was Brechtje’s debut album but also my first time I did the pr for an artist. I have learned a lot and got to work with someone who is incredibly passionate. What a great project!”

Bec Plexus
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From dogs playing the piano to a record deal in New York