Influencer campaign and structural PR support

The assignment
Make GaiaZOO widely visible among a diverse target audience and generate as much free publicity as possible during unique press moments.

Our role

  • In the run-up to the various school holidays we put our teeth into influencer campaigns with mommy bloggers.
  • We also provided structural support for mediagenic moments such as the birth of the lion cubs in May 2016. How did we do that?
    • Critically checking press releases and adjusting if necessary
    • Personally approaching important media
  • Setting up, monitoring and implementing a successful influencer campaign
  • Watchdog function: spotting and utilizing opportunities for GaiaZOO

The result
Great content on different channels and a lot of engagement with the target group. Thanks to the influencer campaign, we generated promotions, unique content and reviews on prominent mommy blogs. In addition, the cub birth received a lot of online and offline attention in national and regional media.

Influencer marketing & PR: GaiaZOO