The assignment

‘Gain more media coverage, visitors and exhibitors for the second Dutch edition of Veggieworld, the largest vegan fair in Europe. In addition, give the consumer campaign VeggieChallenge a boost in the run-up to VeggieWorld in April 2017. The aim of this campaign is to challenge participants to eat less animal products for a month.’

De Jonge Wolven were asked to accomplish this mission by generating media coverage.

Our role

  • Collaboration with influencers to give a boost to the VeggieChallenge
  • Attention in the media for VeggieWorld
  • Collaboration with bloggers and influencers for VeggieWorld. Think of promotions, blogs and tips for going out.

The result

Twice as much participants for the VeggieChallenge and over 2000 extra visitors compared to the first Dutch edition of VeggieWorld.

During a period of 2 months, there was ongoing media attention for Veggieworld through, among other things, promotions on blogs and via the radio.

Traditional media such as Metro, AD and De Telegraaf as well as major lifestyle platforms such as Elle Eten, Grazia, Moderne Hippies and OneWorld paid attention to the campaign.

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The Young Wolves: Coverage for VeggieWorld