The question

Unemployed people over 50s are eager to get to work, but find it hard to get started. On average, the search takes two years and nine months. That has to change. How can we show a positive image of over-50s as employees? And encourage employers in the Amsterdam region to see and use the talents of people over 50?

Our actions

De Wolven, together with WSP Groot-Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam, developed the communication campaign #discoverthe50plus. Twelve people over the age of 50 became the ambassadors of the campaign and symbolized 8,600 residents of Amsterdam between the ages of 50 and 64 who are looking for a job.

Phase 1: On the campaign page, employers could view the qualities of this group of enthusiastic Amsterdammers in different video pitches. In addition, they received more information about the benefits of taking on people over 50s. On this website we introduced two new candidates every week for a period of six weeks.

Phase 2: The result of our first campaign was used to once again inspire employers to also see the older target group as a potential new employee. I.a. by bus stops on the street and in metro stations we showed which of the 12 original candidates were matched with an employer. In addition, the campaign video ‘The Real Elevator Pitch’ was developed, which was distributed on social media as well as through other online marketing channels. De Wolven signed for the concept and the realisation of this video.

The result

  • The campaign received attention in Metro, on AT5 and was actively promoted towards employers on Facebook and YouTube.
  • In October and November 2017, almost 7,000 unique visitors visited the campaign page almost 10,000 times in total.
  • The campaign video has been viewed over 17,500 times on youtube.
  • Seven of the twelve candidates were successfully matched to a company within a year.
  • In addition, the unemployment rate of people aged over 50 in 2017 fell from 8,600 to 6,200. Although this is not purely the result of the campaign, communication has certainly contributed to this.

This campaign was rewarded with the Welcom Amsterdam Award 2018!

Municipality of Amsterdam
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Labor market campaign: #discoverthe50plus