Obton invests in and develops sustainable solar energy projects. The Danish company established itself in the Netherlands a few years ago and wants to increase renewable energy together with municipalities and project developers. To show these target groups who Obton is and what makes their solar projects successful, De Wolven boosted awareness with publicity. But publicity alone is often insufficient to drive sales. Together with Digital Movers, we started to use valuable content to move potential customers towards a contact moment with Obton.

Approach: a complete funnel
For Obton, a funnel approach was used in which PR content and marketing activation via online and offline channels go hand in hand. We created media awareness among the target group about the added value of solar panels. This awareness was followed up by Google Ads campaigns to generate interest. This interest was in turn supported by pitching stories of successful previous collaborations to the main media. Digital Movers then used LinkedIn to drive traffic to the website. These leads were followed up with a lead nurturing mail programme.

Result: leads
Ultimately, the approach led to 123 leads in nine months’ time. The actual ad costs per lead were €67. In online marketing terms, that is a very good score. If we look at our value in the first few months, it is mainly the large reach with different types of media. For example, attention in the AD helped municipal teams to become familiar with Obton. And the articles in the trade media (sustainability and solar energy) did a good job of increasing Obton’s reliability. The paid editorial content was a good way of influencing municipal teams with Obton’s expertise.

Jill Bakker, PR Consultant
“Obton was the trigger for me to always consider the question behind the question in our advice to customers from now on. Yes, more familiarity, but why? When companies enter the Dutch market, for example, there is also a great need to bind new customers. Then you have to look further than just broadly introducing the target group to the organisation. Joining forces with online marketing so that the content you create is also offered at the right moment in the customer journey, is of great added value in order to actually generate leads.”

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