Women still earn less than men. Women still spend much more time on household tasks than men. Even though more than half of the couples would like to share household tasks equally, only 10% do so. Women bear more health risks because medical science is largely based on the male body. In short, emancipation in the Netherlands is not yet completed. WOMEN Inc. wants equal opportunities for everyone. That’s why they develop campaigns, conduct research, give workshops, and share their knowledge to draw attention to these themes. There is plenty to communicate about. But that may also be the pitfall. How do you ensure that all surveys and campaigns reach their target audience, and WOMEN Inc. does not cannibalize on its own news?

Approach: strategic media approach
Few organizations are as loved by the media as WOMEN Inc. Not only because ‘emancipation’ is a hot topic, but also because of the knowledge that the organization holds. There is no lack of media attention. Nevertheless, in a club where there is so much going on, you have to work strategically to ensure that all research, campaigns, and milestones reach the target audience. Because even though the media is fond of you, they are very careful in publishing reports from one sender. Therefore, the strategy was to determine which news was most interesting for which target audience. This also means that we have not approached the media broadly for every newsworthy step. We carefully considered which news suited which medium best. One-on-one contact with journalists was key in these processes.

Result: from professional media to national news media
The introduction of partner leave, which entitles partners to 70% paid leave for 6 weeks, can only be successful if employers also embrace the new law. To bring this news to the attention, entrepreneurial, and HR media have been approached. Dozens of media outlets covered the topic and interviewed specialists from WOMEN Inc. Not only trade media, but also several national media were included, such as NPO radio 1, Stax & Toine, and RTL Nieuws. And for the 15th anniversary of WOMEN Inc., they really wanted to look back at their achieved milestones but also discuss the future and challenges ahead. This resulted in interviews with founder Jannet Vaessen in NRC Handelsblad, Opzij, and Parool. The new campaign ‘Dit Werkt Niet’ received attention on Nu.nl, Quote, Kek Mama, Nieuws bv, and FD.nl.

Marre de Visser, PR advisor
“The more you learn about the mission of WOMEN Inc. the more strange you find still existing pay gap and stereotype imaging in the media. This makes you want to work even harder to get their message across. Fortunately, the media also sees the importance of their mission, which has resulted in beautiful publications. It was therefore very grateful to work for this organization.” 






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