With around 11 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, bol.com is at the heart of society. Every day, they help customers to make a more conscious choice when making their purchases. For example, bol.com opened the ‘sustainable store’ in 2019. In this store, items are labelled with independent sustainable labels, are refurbished, or made by social entrepreneurs. To clarify which articles carry an independent label, bol.com collaborated with the environmental organization Milieu Centraal. In this way, bol.com will make it easier for customers to make a conscious choice online as well. The Wolven was asked to achieve maximum positive publicity for ‘the sustainable store’ and thereby position bol.com as a sustainable frontrunner in the industry

Approach: a bold statement
Bol.com launched the store just before the holidays, the busiest time of the year for online purchases. It is, therefore, all the more important that it is clear to customers what they are buying. The news was not groundbreaking, which is why a catchy bold statement is needed to increase news value. So, we investigated what claim we could make about the assortment. This turned out to be the broadest responsible assortment in the Netherlands and Belgium. The collaboration with Milieu Centraal is also highlighted in the press release to emphasize that an objective party has validated the sustainability labels. Two press releases were then drawn up to appeal to the widest possible audience. One release aimed at trade media and (sustainable) news media and one release aimed at the lifestyle media in which sustainable gift ideas for the holidays were given.

From AD to Flair and from Emerce to Twinklemagazine, bol.com’s ‘sustainable store’ went anything but unnoticed. This resulted in more consumers making a more conscious choice, and sustainable gifts scored well during the holidays. Opening a ‘sustainable store’ not only affected the shopping behaviour of customers but also partners of bol.com who sold articles on the platform were encouraged to make their range more sustainable. And the sustainable assortment is growing fast: in 33% of all bol.com shelves, from children’s clothing to care products, they and their partners offer a sustainable alternative. On to 100 percent in 2020!

Marre de Visser, PR advisor
‘Because bol.com is such a large company, its efforts can really make a positive impact on our society and the environment. Sustainability has therefore become an important spearhead in their strategy in recent years, and rightly so. It is valuable to contribute to making their sustainable activities visible.’


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Positioning bol.com as a sustainable frontrunner