The assignment

Generate media attention to inform the public of the POWER on Tour campaign of the ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). The campaign was the brainchild of OCW minister, Jet Bussemaker, with the aim of encouraging women to discover and use their talents to increase women’s financial independence.

Our role

Selecting interesting and media-relevant messages from the campaign and pitching these to national, regional and local media. This was done by:

  • Writing press releases and producing content.
  • Personal outreach to key media.
  • Organising all press surrounding the visit by Her Royal Highness Queen Maxima.
  • Supervising social media, e.g. the Facebook page.

The result

The online outreach was more than 15 million people. National newspapers such as de Telegraaf, AD, Trouw and NRC also reported about the POWER on Tour campaign and its themes. Furthermore, Minister Bussemaker appeared on a daily TV show, along with a woman who launched a new career thanks to the campaign.

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PR & social media: Empowerment campaign for women