There is still a taboo while we all do it! And all that excrement must be discharged somewhere – as long as we can remember. From that need the toilet was born. And that again comes in many shapes and sizes. Reason for Cube design museum to be the first in the world to organise an exhibition about the design of toilets.

The exhibition ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Toilets* But Were Afraid to Ask’ has two layers: on the one hand our own culture, the history and future of design for faeces, on the other hand the lack of sanitation, the consequences of this in less developed countries and the solutions that can be devised for this. An exhibition with which Cube design museum wants to further build on its brand awareness and position as a museum that focuses on design with an impact on the world.

Approach: a big message

De Wolven dug through the collection pieces and selected the pearls. What turned out … In addition to a world first in terms of subject, the exhibition had another unique thing; never before have so many royal toilets been seen in one place. The most important press was invited for a press preview and received selected highlights from the exhibition by mail. We delivered “a big message” to a dozen media with a physical invitation in the form of a squatty Potty.


Result: great fun on radio, print and online

“Design museum Cube in Kerkrade perhaps has the best
exhibition for a summer family outing: everything about toilets. ” Het Parool

“This is one of the 14 predicted cultural highlights.” De Volkskrant

“This is something special. I hope we have some time left this weekend. “ NPO Radio 2

Praising words in newspapers and fun on radio 1 and 2, radio 538 and BNR Nieuwsradio. Various magazines also paid attention to the expo; from Quest, Tros Kompas and & C, to Royalty, Blauw Bloed and Privé. The success was reflected in the highest media value of all exhibitions of the year at Cube.

Zoé Déjean, PR advisor

“Working for weeks on a seemingly unsavoury subject” pooping and peeing “, offers lots of witty and silly word jokes and the greatest fun among teammembers and in contact with media. Special about this exhibition is that it offers a light-hearted hook for a loaded message; the need for sanitation and solutions for linked social and environmental problems. Design with impact on the world. I like to work hard for that! “

Museumplein Limburg
free publicity

Publicity for a look in the pot behind you