The question

From a Limerick competition to a creative writing workshop: The Week of the Dutch Language is filled with language activities every year. To put the Week in the spotlight, The Dutch Language Union asked us to develop a social media campaign. The goal? More engagement and reach on their Facebook page ahead of the Week.

Our actions

We created a campaign that was entirely dedicated to the existing slogan: everyone’s talking. Every week a different language theme was discussed, from funny children’s sayings to favourite words and traditional Dutch sayings. In addition to stimulating content, we also made short video’s that fit the theme. Well-known Dutchmen and a Fleming told their language anecdote and gave the go-ahead to the viewer to also share his or her story.

The results

The organic range increased by an average of 400% during the campaign period from September to October. A number of posts were also further boosted with a small budget, which gave the range an extra boost. The average number of responses to the messages went up by 500%. Mission accomplished!

PS Check the campaign videos below.


The Dutch Language Union
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Social media campaign: Everyone’s talking