social media campaign: iktoon

social media iktoon
About This Project

Social media campaign iktoon

The assignment
Create an online community on different channels that actively expresses the core message of iktoon (everyone’s art) and ensure online visibility in the broadest sense of the word.

Our role

  • Creating a strategy on two channels (Facebook & Instagram & Social influencers)
  • Creating the daily content & Webcare
  • Designing visuals and creatives for ad campaigns
  • Setting up and managing ad campaigns
  • Actively involving the community in the core message as well as during the iktoon-month

The results
We have reached many people by creating the right content. Also, the existing Facebook page became three times larger. We improved the followers’ engagement by making clever use of the advertising budget on the right posts. Followers started to post their own artworks more regularly. The hashtag #iktoon was used more than 300 times and many beautiful images were provided by loyal followers.

By using three influencers, we have made Iktoon visible to a young target group. +170,000 people watched the videos and the #iktoon hashtag was often used on YouTube

In total we have reached 845,000 people in the Netherlands with all social actions, shares and influencers. A huge success!