If you work in the communication department of the Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam, then the issues of the day determine the content of your work. From human smuggling to a large drug catch or a high-profile case. Meanwhile, there are journalists who need to be served from early in the morning until late at night. Next to that, there is a need to pay attention to strategic communication. Themes that tell the story of the valuable work they people at the Public Prosecution Service do. But how, if the time always catches up with you?

Approach: a clear and visible course

A clear plan for your communication is essential to guide an organization. For that you have to make choices and an external view can help determine the priorities. De Wolven has developed a tailor-made strategic session for communication managers within the Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam. Their communication needs and their personal mission were highlighted: “Which theme deserves more attention?” But also: “How can the team contribute by working more efficiently”.

Result: control over communication

Writing last-minute press releases, resolving issues, helping case officers with unexpected media attention. The fact remains: as a communication advisor, there is always work to do. But those who have agreed on clear strategic frameworks can also put a stop to short-term thinking. Thanks to the strategic communication session, a foundation has been laid for a clear course that everyone can fall back on.

Jill Bakker, senior pr advisor

“Sometimes one session can be enough to show people that they actually already know the answer. De Wolven cannot take away the crowds. The issues of the day persist. That is also the charm of their job. Communication is choosing and unknowingly they had already made the choice. It’s great that we were able to give the final push.”

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