Sustainable trade efforts are needed until sustainable trade exists. That is the starting point of Superunie, which is why sustainable trade is a full part of their purchasing process. Because the organization wants to be transparent, Superunie asked De Wolven to set up a good basis for their communication about these green steps. So that stakeholders gain insight into the activities, results and challenges that the purchasing organization has towards transparent, safe and healthy chains.

Approach: one true story
Many organizations are not aware of what is already in content. From texts to innovations and initiatives from colleagues. Our approach focuses on bringing this up with customers and discovering their true story and how they can distinguish themselves without losing sight of their core mission. This has led to a green corporate story at Superunie so that initiatives, resources or actions can always be tested against this. The next step is of course sharing Superunie’s story.

Result: the first resources
The new Superunie website is a first initiative in actively bringing out stories. This platform forms the basis and is continuously supplemented with relevant information. Such as a sustainable annual report drawn up as a digital magazine (made possible in part by Wolf Zoé Déjean). But also new developments in the field of packaging and with product pages that provide more insight into the chain of, for example, bananas. The website is the starting point from which we jointly make further choices in the approach, resources and implementation. How can we, for example, not only inform but also involve stakeholders? We have now entered this phase, so hopefully more news about our activities for Superunie in the future.

Jill Bakker, PR advisor
“My brain and heart are instant activated by a customer like Superunie. An organization that is already taking many beautiful sustainable steps at its core, but is too modest to communicate about this. Then you know that you can make a relevant contribution to sharing their story. Moreover, it is extra valuable when this visibility also inspires others to commit to more sustainability.”

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The sustainable story of Superunie