The more people know that you can actually create beautiful things out of plastic bottles, the higher the demand, and the more plastic waste we can fish out of the oceans and recycle – was the reasoning of Waste2Wear. To generate brand awareness around the Ocean Plastic Project, Waste2Wear reached out to De Wolven for help.

The Ocean Plastic Project is a project initiated by two companies who strive to make the oceans clean again. They partnered with large retailers such as Wehkamp, Joolz, Claudia Strater and Oilily. Almost 600.000 plastic bottles were picked up out of the ocean and 1.400.000 from several landfills to produce coats, dresses, and pillowcases for the autumn/winter collections of these brands.

Our approach: knowledge about various media

An interesting part of the project was the collaboration between the large retail companies. This news was not only interesting for the fashion media, but for the lifestyle, news-, sustainable and entrepreneurial media as well. We reached out to these diverse media each with a tailored approach and filtered out what was interesting for the target audience of each medium. De Wolven collaborated with online marketing agency Digital Movers to ensure that the publicity was converted to website clicks.

The result: lots of publications

As a result, CEO Monique Maissan was interviewed by national news media (such as newspaper Trouw, BNR, Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven), and lots of media (such as RTL Z RTL Nieuws, Textilia, Bright, Fashion United, Retail Detail, Duurzaam Ondernemen, Evers Staat Op en Sprout) wrote about the project.

Marre de Visser, senior pr-advisor

Sustainable companies that want to make the world a better (and cleaner) place make our hearts beat faster! We helped Waste2Wear reach a relevant audience by critically thinking about the right news angle towards the media. The company has a lot of relevant stories to tell, but we focused on reaching out with one clear message. By stating a relevant, important story to diverse media, we scored lots of free publicity. It’s all about the tailor-made approach!”  

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Waste2Wear: publicity with a sustainable message