From Monday 1st till Saturday 6th of Februari 2021, it’s that time again: Week of the Circular Economy. For the sixth year in a row, Versnellingshuis Nederland Circulair! is organizing this campaign week, to take professionals to a circular future. Mission: The Dutch economy will be circular by 2050. How do you ensure that you inspire as many entrepreneurs as possible in one week, and include them in that transition? That good examples are getting the stage and that starters receive concrete tools to get started with circular entrepreneurship themselves? And that the circle is getting bigger every year

Approach: Just start, at your own pace
During the Week of the Circular Economy 2020, there were 225 events organized by 180 parties. With lectures, workshops, guided tours, networking events, and consultations throughout the country, the enterprising Netherlands demostrated how the circular economy works in practice. The most innovative projects and organizations were honored with Circular Awards. Start-ups and pioneers gathered across the country in regional hubs to learn from each other. De Wolven ensured that the knowledge and skills acquired were not only shared with the public present, but also with the rest of the enterprising Netherlands. Pioneers shared their experiences in the press and on social media, and gave concrete tips to inspire others to take the next steps. To give all stories the reach they deserve, De Wolven also developed a PR toolkit that helped the participants to recruit new and more audience for their program / product / company.

By sounding the gong, Schijvens Corporate Fashion – Circular Awards winner – opened the trading day on Euronext Amsterdam. During the rest of the week, the 200 organized events did not remain invisible. Hundreds of publications appeared in the press, in print and online in national, regional, and specialized media. A small selection: De Volkskrant, Trouw, BNR Nieuws Radio, Radio 1,, RTL Z, Nederlands Dagblad, and Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven.

Zoé Déjean, PR advisor
‘In the transition to a fully circular economy in 2050, significant steps still need to be taken. That can be overwhelming, but every step – big or small – adds to the acceleration. The Week of the Circular Economy has been showing the power of connection and stories for six years. Proud to be part of it for years.’

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