20 years of Batavia Stad: leader of outlet Netherlands

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet celebrated its 20th anniversary in September 2021 and that was something to be celebrated. Various festivities were planned, such as the unique opportunity to admire Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 car in a glass box in the middle of the center and the opening of RE.love – the very first (sustainable) store. In addition, the anniversary was an opportunity to use the media to reinforce Batavia Stad’s position as the leading outlet in the Netherlands and an accessible shopping city. As the very first outlet in the country, the center knows better than anyone how to give people a great day out. It is up to us to inform a broad and diverse audience of the festivities, the promotions and the beautiful developments of Batavia Stad during the holiday season.

Approach: ongoing media attention for Batavia Stad

As mentioned, there were several special moments on the agenda for the Batavia Stad anniversary. We used these as highlights for media attention. Each event had its own story, which required a tailored approach to editors, influencers and journalists. For example, at the opening of RE.love we focused on paid content in lifestyle magazines and blogs and free publicity in trade and news media. When Batavia Stad was awarded the golden Ongehinderd hallmark for accessibility, this was brought to the attention of trade media and local media. This brought Batavia Stad to the attention of a broad and relevant audience on several occasions.


The approach resulted in (free) publications at Marie Claire, Fashion United, AD, Omroep Flevoland, JAN Magazine, Marketingtribune, Dwarslaesie Magazine, De Stentor and Retailtrends.

"Batavia Stad is the first outlet in the Netherlands to be the absolute market leader, and with 20 years of experience they know exactly how to convey a premium shopping experience to their customers. However, it is important that the customer is kept informed about this in various ways, and in an important year like this ongoing media attention was extremely important. We are very happy with the result, which was also achieved thanks to the great cooperation with the people of Batavia Stad."

Mats Hopstaken, PR-Advisor
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