A heart to heart for employees of De Zorgcirkel

Day and night, the employees of De Zorgcirkel are ready to provide help and care during the Corona epidemic that has gripped the world. The Care Circle wants to let its employees know that they greatly appreciate the efforts of all employees. In a short period of time, a package of initiatives has therefore been developed to give them a shot in the arm. Pr- and communication agency De Wolven is helping the care institution with the development and implementation of this internal communication campaign.

ApproacA heart to heart for employees of De Zorgcirkel

To structurally support the employees and show appreciation for their efforts, De Zorgcirkel developed a strategy with communication agency De Wolven that focuses on personal attention. A challenge for an organization with over 4,200 employees working at different locations. In addition to a personal video message that was distributed internally, in which the management addresses the staff, a video concept was conceived and made within 48 hours in collaboration with production house RubenPaulRuben. In it, all regional directors and the board of De Zorgcirkel express their appreciation for the efforts of the employees. In addition, all employees received a card through the bus last week with encouraging words from the management and regional teams.


In addition to the actions already taken, more initiatives will follow over time to keep employees continuously engaged. Options to better inform employee family members and promote employee physical health are also being explored.

'Realizing a film in 48 hours, from concept to final result, is a challenge. Everyone joined forces to make it happen. The fact that we succeeded shows once again that when we all pull together we can produce something beautiful in a very short time.

Marre de Visser, Senior Advisor
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