A unique chair made of 100 percent natural material, which absorbs more C02 than emissions

In 2020, the Drenthe furniture manufacturer VepaDrentea launched the world’s first climate-positive chair made of a unique biomaterial consisting of hemp and a resin as a binding agent that are both completely organic, plant-based and recyclable. Something that was not possible before. Existing biomaterials are still made with petroleum-based binders that are harmful to the environment. An extraordinary breakthrough which De Wolven was tasked with bringing the news to the widest possible attention.


To find out exactly how the chair is produced and what the situation is with this new biomaterial, De Wolven had to dig deep into the matter. First of all we collected all the information from the parties involved, and then we filtered the information according to what was relevant for the press and what wasn’t. Then we looked at how we could communicate the message as simply as possible. Then we looked at how we could communicate the message as simply as possible. A self-made video by VepaDrentea about the production of the chair contributed to this. A week before the chair was launched and the press release sent out, we approached a number of journalists. We offered them the opportunity for an interview and a look behind the scenes in the factory so that they could be the first to report the news on the day of the launch.


It is a dream for every entrepreneur: a news item in the NOS News. For VepaDrentea that dream came true when the NOS morning news paid attention to the unique and new chair of VepaDrentea. But the NOS Jeugdjournaal, Nu.nl, Seasons, RTV Drenthe and the Algemeen Dagblad also published.

"I am convinced that the ambition and enthusiasm of VepaDrentea has made a significant contribution to the success. It inspires people. I am also very impressed with the Drenthe furniture makers and their future-oriented way of working."

Anne van den Nulft, PR Advisor
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