An international press event for sustainable designer kitchen manufacturer Kvik

We already knew that Kvik stands for timeless Danish design. But that their materials and production are becoming more and more sustainable is something we didn’t actively communicate before. The latest kitchen design, Veda, launched this summer, changed all that. For example, the kitchen consists of 40% recycled materials, including recycled MDF: a first in the kitchen industry. In the process, 84% of the materials can be recycled. A major innovation in the field of sustainable kitchens. But how do you bring this message to the attention of your audience?


A subject like this requires a little more explanation. So a digital press event was the perfect opportunity for us to hold the journalist’s attention longer and give them the opportunity to ask questions. What’s more, the kitchen was launched not only in the Netherlands but in all the European countries where Kvik has a presence. By making the event international, we were able to kill many birds with one stone.

The organization of the event was in the hands of Kvik. We went to work for the press in the Netherlands. The first and perhaps most important step was to hook up the right journalists. In this case, editors who write about sustainability and interiors. But also trade media. A month in advance we sent them a save the date. We followed this up with an official invitation with more information about the event. Finally, after the event we sent out a press release about the new Veda broadly and thanked those present personally via email.


It was Kvik’s first ever international press event. Doing something for the first time is always exciting. That’s why the event in itself is a great result. The interaction with journalists also made it an interesting meeting in terms of content. And the publications don’t lie: from Trouw to Telegraaf, ELLE Decoration to Eigen Huis en Interieur and Keuken & Design to Qumedia. Click here for the press release.

"Communicating about the steps you are taking as a company, even though you know you still have a long way to go to be fully sustainable: not every company dares to do that. The fact that Kvik does it, and involves journalists in their process, is extremely valuable. By being transparent about your goals, obstacles and findings, you not only help yourself but also others."

Anne van den Nulft, PR advisor
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