Campaign: iktoon

The question
Together with 16 cultural partners, the LKCA (National Knowledge Institute for Cultural Education and Amateurism) wanted to show the public how big the role of amateurism is in society. We developed a strategic campaign in collaboration with creative agency Grrr to put amateur artists in the spotlight.

Our Actions
Together we made June 2016 Amateur Arts Month. With the components:

  • Coming up with an overarching campaign name and tagline: iktoon – art from everyone.
  • Designing an online platform where audiences could add exhibits to a national calendar.
  • Resources for participants to showcase their art.¬†They could make their own posters in the style of iktoon, or send a press release and fill the Facebook page.
  • Support the platform with media publicity.
  • Overall PR and communication to media.

The Result
The Month of Amateur Arts was successfully introduced and kicked off thanks to all the publicity in the media with a free publicity value of over 750,000 euros. The public could watch and experience art at over a thousand locations in more than 150 municipalities. Highlights included: a cover article in the Saturday supplement of De Telegraaf, being mentioned as a ‘hot’ tip in Grazia magazine.