How does public relations help market a label?

“Can you help us with free publicity around the launch of the Vakkundig Gekeurd quality mark, a quality mark for architectural inspectors?” Vastgoedpro, the professional association for Dutch real estate professionals, approached us with this question. How do you ensure that the message not only lands in the real estate industry, but also with the broader public: homebuyers in the Netherlands?

Approach: You focus on the bigger picture

‘In the heated housing market, homebuyers run the risk of making a hasty and emotional decision. So it is important that any defects in the home are uncovered before the purchase takes place. Building inspectors are the ones who can give consumers a realistic picture of short- and long-term maintenance costs. But then you have to be confident that a professional will carry out the inspection. This is sometimes a bit disappointing, because anyone who wants to can do an architectural inspection. There are many cowboys on the market with double hats or no expertise, with all the financial consequences for the consumer. The Quality Mark Vakkig gekeurd is a quality guarantee for architectural inspectors and may only be used by inspection companies that meet specific testing conditions.

We brought this story to the attention of both target groups from different perspectives with a PR program that was purely focused on the content. We developed several contact lists and press releases for professional and consumer media. We also drafted an agenda message to alert building inspectors to information meetings. We identified relevant media and – very importantly – approached them personally with a tailored approach, prior to sending out the press releases.

Results: Cobouw and

This ensured that real estate professionals were made aware of the arrival of the hallmark through trade media (such as Cobouw) and new surveyors subsequently joined the hallmark. Consumers came into contact with Vakkundig gekeurd thanks to publications in the news media (including They now know that they can have an architectural inspection performed by an expert and impartial party.

“Quite technical and specialist subject matter, at first glance. But very relevant for a large part of the population when you place it in the right social and industry context. The news even reached the highest political circles: Minister of the Interior Ollongren mentioned the hallmark in a room letter about the need for market regulation.”

Joost Morel, public relations consultant