Publicity for 400 large flamingos in GaiaZOO

GaiaZOO’s animal collection has been expanded to include as many as 400 large flamingos. It is the largest group of flamingos to be admired in a European zoo. Only in Singapore and Dubai can groups of this size be admired. But how do you get the national press to visit Kerkrade for this wonderful pink phenomenon? It’s up to De Wolven to warm up the right media. And spoiler alert: they succeeded!

Approach: good images are leading

In addition to a good message about this special group of flamingos, the choice was made to focus on strong images: photo and video. Good and varied film material was developed which the media could use. In combination with a good story about this special group of flamingos, the press was invited to visit the birds when they moved into their new home.

Result: a lot of media attention for these pink birds

From AD to Telegraaf, television, radio and online. It was big national news. And that while the trains were on strike that day. Journalists love to travel for something as special as a group of large flamingos. And those who weren’t able to come were happy with the good footage.

"Let's face it. A video of a large group of big, pink flamingos walking back and forth together is already a reason for success. We need fine films like these to brighten up our day. And the fact that we are also putting the problem of the flamingo on the map is, of course, a nice bonus".

Leonne van de Ven
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