Publicity for basic scientific research

Ammodo Foundation supports groundbreaking projects within science. For this purpose, the Ammodo Science Award was created. Every two years the Awards are presented to eight internationally recognized researchers. For each of them a sum of 300,000 euros is made available, which the laureates can spend at their own discretion on unrelated fundamental research. In addition, the foundation wants to contribute to the visibility of their work. De Wolven contributes to this goal by helping with the publicity surrounding the prize.

Approach: the right medium for the right laureate

Our challenge is to find connections to current events. Every scientist and research is put under the magnifying glass. What makes his or her research interesting for our daily lives? Why is this topic a current issue in society? In this way, despite its fundamental nature, we make a link with the current context. On the basis of the content, we advise on the approach to be taken to the various media. And we go a step further: we also look for the most suitable editor for the story. So that the news also becomes personally relevant.

Result: attention to content

And relevant it is, given the result. Discover for example in Het Parool how neuroscientist Floris de Lange explains the effect of surprise on our brains. Watch the broadcast of the NTR science program Atlas in which Walter Immerzeel talks about his research into the consequences of climate change for the high mountains of the Himalayas. And listen to the Brainwash podcast in which Rivke Jaffe is interviewed about urban issues through music.

"The inserts we come up with match the editor so accurately that we have a great chance of hitting the mark. Moreover: because the content is paramount (rather than the price), this results in interesting stories in important national media. It's great when you can contribute to this."

Jill Bakker, PR Advisor
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