Publicity for documentary about the first lingerie store in northern Iraq

The documentary “Up to G-Cup” premiered at the Dutch Film Festival, where director Jacqueline van Vugt received the 2021 Dutch Film Critics Award. The documentary was shot in the first lingerie store in conservative Iraqi Kurdistan. From the fitting room, women of different generations tell about their struggles with love, studying, sexual freedom and shame in a country ravaged by war and oppression. It is our honor to bring this documentary to the attention of the Dutch media and to offer the stories of these women a stage.

Approach: one-on-one media approach

‘Up to G-Cup’ is an exceptional film that addresses several themes. For each theme – such as love, shame, sexuality and war – we compiled an appropriate list of journalists. We then approached them with an op-ed. This way we could offer these journalists a chance to preview the documentary and discuss it with the director and/or main characters from the film. In order to keep the interviews on track, we prepared a briefing for those involved in the documentary. In order to bring ‘Up to G-Cup’ to the attention of a wider audience we also sent out a press release.


This approach resulted in publications on LINDA., Vice, &C, Libelle, Trouw, NRC, Met het Oog op Morgen and Troskompas.

"Jacqueline van Vugt has many fine films and documentaries to her credit. 'Up to G Cup' is no exception. We therefore found it very special to have collaborated on this project. The documentary gives you an idea of what it is like to live as a woman in Iraq and, as Van Vugt agrees, it makes you experience your own freedoms in a completely different way."

Steff van Dorp, communications consultant
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