SIRE: Children in Poverty. Let’s talk about that

As many as 1 in 13 children in the Netherlands grow up in poverty. These are children who, due to a lack of money, are unable to participate with their peers. These children experience stress, social exclusion and later also have a greater chance of ending up in poverty themselves. To draw attention to this problem, the SIRE (Stichting Ideële Reclame) developed a 360° campaign to put this theme on the agenda of citizens, opinion leaders and politicians: ‘Let’s talk about it’. De Wolven was asked to generate publicity around the campaign. The challenge here was to get the media to go into the subject in more depth (more than just the announcement of the new SIRE campaign).


Approach: one-on-one media approach

To create additional news value, SIRE researched the knowledge of Dutch people about child poverty and gathered a panel of experts on this theme who could tell more about child poverty from different perspectives (historical, economic, international and political). Furthermore, the campaign consisted of a TV commercial, a social media campaign and three video portraits of children living in poverty, in which they talk candidly about their situation and how they experience this poverty. We were able to use all this input to generate media coverage. We drew up a key media list (= most important media) in which we highlighted a different angle for each medium. With a tailor-made story we approached the media before the campaign went live so that journalists would have time to go deeper into the story.


Because journalists were given the space and resources to go deeper into the story, this resulted in dozens of publications: from RTL news, Koffietijd, Tijd voor Max and the Jeugdjournaal to Telegraaf, Nederlands Dagblad, Trouw and

Born05 is the creator of the campaign, Cake Film & Photography produced the TVC and the 3 video portraits and Ivo van der Bent is responsible for the photography, Hammerfest is the social media agency, Stroom took care of the media strategy and contacts and De Wolven takes care of the total PR,.

"It is extremely rewarding to be able to work on a SIRE campaign. Besides the fact that it was very instructive to immerse yourself completely in the theme, and successful in terms of publications, we also received feedback that it actually broke taboos for the children in the campaign and that they were relieved that their story could finally be told. And that, of course, is what the campaign is really about."

Marre de Visser, PR Advisor
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