Communication training

How do you successfully draw attention to your organisation or brand? How important is a strong key message? How do you generate free publicity? In our various communications training sessions, we teach you how to successfully bring your messages across. Whether you’re working for a start-up, you’re an artist or you’re a communications advisor looking to deepen your knowledge.

Communications is not about copy-pasting. Speaking to a journalist is not the same as posting something on social media. Drafting copy for a press release is not the same as for a newsletter. In our training you learn to optimally work with the various channels.

Our Media training prepares you to speak to the media effectively, including practicing in front of the camera. With our Social media training, we teach you how to use channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for your organisation, brand or campaign. Our training Writing a media release focuses on how you can turn your message into a newsworthy release. The training Creative writing helps you think outside of the box and draw attention to your organisation, brand or product from your audiences in a creative way.

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