Influencer marketing

Well-known Youtubers, Instagrammers and Tiktokers can be great channels to use for your brand or company. Not only do they have a strong relationship with their many followers, they’re also perceived as trustworthy when they communicate about a matter that they have an affinity with. That makes influencer marketing the perfect way to effectively reach your audience.

We collaborate with social media micro influencers when it comes to topics such as sustainability, interior, food and parenthood. For our clients, we develop and execute an influencer marketing strategy where we seek the best matching


influencers who can communicate the message in an original way. For example, for iktoon we worked together with influencers to encourage Dutch amateur artists to show off their work through workshops, exhibitions and shows. For Nivon Natuurvrienden, we invited mommy influencers to stay the night at the Nivon campground to experience the Nivon feeling. And for the KNAW Onderwijsprijs, we collaborated with teacher influencers who used their own social media channels to convey the messages.

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