Sustainable investors raise 200 million through

13 April 2022

More investments in various sustainable initiatives by 2022

Investors have collectively raised over 200 million euros through for more than 160 projects, since the investment platform was founded in 2014. These include both sustainable project finance and corporate finance. The platform sees that the type of sustainable projects invested in is becoming more diverse. Whereas the focus was previously on projects in the solar and wind energy sectors, sees that projects in sustainable transport, energy storage, batteries and sustainable innovations in the field of food are gaining ground.

New sectors
Broadening in the number of investment projects ensures that the opportunities for sustainability are increasing, the platform sees. Projects such as Hello Rider (sustainable transport), PARKnCHARGE (charging stations) and sustainable companies such as The Good Roll (sustainable toilet paper) recently raised funding through “DuurzaamInvesteerders have invested 200 million in sustainable companies and projects. This means not only an opportunity for the entrepreneurs who use our platform, but especially a huge positive social impact. And we as a team are very proud of that,” said Enrique Aparicio Torres, CEO of “We see that more and more sustainability is becoming possible thanks to our sustainable investors.” started with projects in the wind and solar sectors and is now also focusing on charging stations (PARKnCHARGE), batteries (EST Floattech), energy storage (Giga Storage), sustainable transportation (MisterGreen and Hello Rider), sustainable innovations in food (WIINC) and sustainable companies (The Good Roll). was also in the top 10 of the Crowdfunding Top100 in 2021 with eight sustainable projects. The project ‘Kieszon voor de Toekomst’, which raised 15 million, was in first place in this list, ‘Windpark Krammer’ (11.85 million) on 2 and ‘Stichting Biologisch Dynamische Landbouw’ on 3 ( with 4.3 million and on nr 10 with 2.8 million). ‘Wocozon’ (3.4 million) (solar panels on roofs), ‘Organic Nutrition Centre’ (3.17 million) ‘Giga Storage’ (3 million) and ‘Windpark ten Tol’ (3 million) completed the list.

About is an online investment platform where developers of sustainable projects can bring an investment offer to the attention of private investors and where investors can make an investment in these projects. As the largest investment platform for sustainable projects in the Netherlands, gives the investor the possibility to invest directly in shares or bonds of sustainable projects and receive the dividends or interest and redemption payments on their own account. Since its launch in mid-2014, at least €200 million in funding has been raised through by providers of propositions on the platform.



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