Fresh Netherlands tackles bicycle theft with Smart Tracker

23 March 2022

Smart Tracker for finding and returning missing vehicles

This week Fris Nederland is launching a campaign to reduce bicycle thefts, using a Smart Tracker. The number of reports of stolen e-bikes has risen sharply again, according to recent analysis by Stichting Aanpak Fiets en E-bike dief (S.A.F.E.). Over the past two years, E-bike theft has increased by a whopping 74 percent. Half of all new bikes sold in 2021 were e-bikes. Due to the great popularity, not only the number of thefts is growing but also the delivery problem: waiting times are up to 12 months. It is therefore becoming increasingly necessary not only to secure valuable bicycles properly, but also to be able to track them. With an accurate track & trace solution Fris Netherlands makes an important contribution to reducing the theft of valuable vehicles in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Bikes are quickly tracked down and returned to their rightful owner.

The start of spring not only kicks off the cycling season, but bicycle thieves also become more active at this time of year. The declaration figures show that by far the most reports relate to the ‘simple’ theft of e-bikes on the street. A stolen bicycle is in a small corner, says Peter van den Brink, general manager of Fris Nederland: “Bicycle thieves strike at an unguarded moment: during the coffee break of a long trip or while the bicycle is still on the car. Most people know they have to double lock their precious bicycle, ideally with ART-approved locks and something to hold on to. Yet at times this is simply not done. In addition, professional thieves know how to get around even good locks. The Smart Tracker offers a solution in both cases.”

How the Smart Tracker works
The Fris Smart Tracker is recognized by insurance companies and ensures optimal theft protection. With the unique motion detector, a stolen vehicle can be tracked in real time and traced exactly, outside and inside.

The moment a vehicle goes missing, the owner can make a report in the Zeker! app. After this report, the local detection team of Fris Nederlanddirect comes into action. The team locates the vehicle to within a metre and returns it to its rightful owner free of charge. Figures from Fris Netherlands show that 80 percent of bicycles equipped with a track & trace system are recovered. As a market leader in tracking services, Fris Netherlands works for a large number of Dutch insurance companies, among others.

About Fris Netherlands
Fris Netherlands actively contributes to reducing theft of valuable goods in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with tailor-made track & trace solutions. As a market leader in tracking services, Fris Netherlands is active for a large part of the Dutch insurance companies.

From a specially equipped control room in Arnhem, the missing or stolen goods are forwarded to investigation teams throughout the Netherlands within ten minutes. Fris Nederland uses smart trackers and techniques such as GPS and LoRa to locate, recover and return objects such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, boats, company cars, construction materials, tools and agricultural machines. Thanks to years of experience in this field, Fris Netherlands finds a large percentage of stolen goods and thus knows how to positively influence the cost of damage. For insurers, companies and individuals.





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