Kvik’s bathroom designs are stylish, timeless and durable

08 April 2022

Although Kvik is primarily known for its Danish kitchen designs, the company also produces and sells bathroom furniture. Designs that are perfectly in keeping with what Kvik stands for: timeless, minimalist and sustainable. For example, Kvik is the first company to offer bathroom cabinets with a front made from recycled wood fiber (MDF) and a finish made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, the clean lines, natural colors and well thought-out solutions ensure bathrooms that not only radiate luxury but are also comfortable.

For more than 39 years, Kvik has been producing and selling bathroom furniture. “The bathroom designs correspond to our kitchen designs in terms of look and feel. For example, we use the same materials and colors,” says Meike Hoek de Jong, Marketing Manager Kvik Netherlands. “In recent years we have focused on making our products more sustainable. Also in the area of bathrooms. With the result that our facilities and production are CO2 positive since the beginning of this year.”

Veda is a compact design that fits perfectly in a smaller bathroom. The matte white sink is made up of 80 percent cast faux marble and the base cabinet is made of recycled MDF with a recycled PET bottle finish, making for a durable piece of furniture that will last for many years. Veda is available in white, gray and moss green and in light or dark oak veneers.

The Prato bathroom cabinet is made for a minimalist expression with clean lines. The design is made of recycled MDF with a recycled PET finish. This has created a durable and strong bathroom cabinet that meets all the needs of everyday life. The Prato is available in dark gray with black edges and a matte finish. The specially designed handle on the drawers gives the fronts a clean look that emphasizes the sophisticated Danish design.

Ombra is fingerprint resistant and has fronts made of sustainable materials, made of recycled MDF with a silk-mat surface of recycled PET. The design was created in collaboration with designers Nikolaj Duve and Kasper Meldgaard of the Danish design studio SAYS WHO. Ombra is inspired by Danish nature with elements of classic Danish design from the 1960s. All in all, Ombra is a timeless design with a choice of six different handle colors: white, black, dark oak, light oak, green and brass. Ombra is available in fresh green and icy white.

With a depth of only 45 cm, Milk is Kvik’s most compact bathroom cabinet. In addition to a spacious cabinet with clever ‘push open’ function, the design has three open shelves for the most frequently used items or for decoration. The space next to the sink is the natural place for toothbrushes and soap. Milk is only available in the color white.

The Mano bathroom cabinet was created for those who love modern and stylish design. The matte white, almost soft surface is resistant to fingerprints and dirt. In addition, the wide design allows for ample storage in the drawers. Mano, with its integrated handles on the drawers and sleek surfaces, represents everything Kvik stands for: Danish and stylish high-quality design that is affordable.

The Cima bathroom series in solid oak creates a modern and sophisticated bathroom in classic Danish design. Cima is made of solid oak and coated with a carefully selected oak veneer for a uniform impression. The bathroom series comes in light and dark oak that requires minimal maintenance and is made to last for many years.



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