30 March 2022

Hooray! This year we celebrate the 15th anniversary of De Wolven. Reason for a party and an XL newsletter. We herald this anniversary year with the official launch of our new website and a new face in the wolves’ nest. And there is more: After the holidays released the Cardboard Eater to draw attention to the piles of cardboard next to the paper bin. The Week of Circular Economy was again a success this year and we proudly present two new clients: Hogeschool IPABO and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Finally, we highlight three blogs we wrote for Frankwatching and interview founder Leonne van de Ven for our brand new feature ‘5 Rake Vragen aan’. Enjoy reading!


In February Berber started as an advisor with us! Berber first studied Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Groningen. During her training Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute she gained experience at branding agency Matters Most, where she started working fulltime after graduating. She likes brands and people that want to make a positive contribution and likes to find out what really matters. To tell stories that matter from there. She applies her sharp, analytical view and balance between creative and strategic thinking at De Wolven on clients like Interface, The Omega Podcast and North Sea Farmers. Welcome Berber! releases Carton Eater Dutch people are increasingly ordering online and this has a visible effect on the street.
Especially during the holidays, piles of cardboard often arise around the paper bin. For the pack a recognizable problem and for our customer a reason to investigate what they themselves can do about the cardboard waste on the street. The result: the Cardboard Eater! This converted garbage truck was the week after Sinterklaas let loose in Amsterdam East and Amsterdam South to collect as much cardboard as possible from people’s homes. Even if the cardboard was not! Afterwards, the collected cardboard was brought to the municipality, where it could be recycled into new cardboard. De Wolven was responsible for the communication around this action. This resulted in an extensive piece in Het Parool, several publications in trade and business media and a successful launch of the very first Kartonvreter.

New client: IPABO College
Starting this year, IPABO University introduces the first research group on Equal Opportunities in Education in the Netherlands. The lecturer of this special lectureship is Dr. Monique Leijgraaf. With this special professorship IPABO wants to draw attention and offer perspectives for action on equity within its own educational system and primary education in North Holland. Leading in the lectureship is the Social Justice approach. We have brought the new chair to the attention of the Noordhollands Dagblad, De Nationale Onderwijsgids and Dr. Monique Leijgraaf was interviewed on NPO Radio 1.

In the Netherlands the circular economy is growing like cabbage and to stay on this course it is important to inspire each other. More than two hundred circular entrepreneurs throughout the Netherlands are opening their doors wide during the seventh edition of the Week of Circular Economy (February 7-12). Circular frontrunners and starters from various industries such as real estate, fashion and manufacturing shared their success formulas, missteps and products. All aimed at inspiring professionals how to take their next circular steps. Since the start of this week, we have had the honor of handling the press approach around this event, resulting in a.o. an episode of Radio 1 – Money or your life, a publication in Het Parool and two articles on Change Inc. (article 1, article 2).

Heineken Prizes 2022
Later this year the winners of the Heineken Prizes 2022 will be announced and we are also closely involved in this edition. We will again provide publicity around the work of these inspiring scientists and artist. The kick-off was earlier this month with the first episode of the Heineken Prizes Video Series (currently featuring 2020 winners) in collaboration with New Scientist. Watch the first episode here.

New client: Rotterdam School of Management
We are proud! Since January of this year we have a very nice new client: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. RSM’s mission is to change the world in a positive way and in almost 50 years they have built a solid reputation as one of Europe’s most international and innovative business schools. Curious about RSM’s research? Read here why you shouldn’t eat popcorn while watching a movie and here how online reviews can predict restaurant failures months in advance. Communicating about such research makes science more accessible to everyone and we look forward to contributing to it.

Soup campaign for The Care Circle
Despite the workload and absenteeism by COVID-19, people are working incredibly hard in care. Teams support each other well and the care workers are solid and indispensable. That’s why De Zorgcirkel wanted to show the staff that they are greatly appreciated with a warm gesture. Together with De Zorgcirkel we came up with the Soup Bus campaign. At different locations of De Zorgcirkel the Soup Bus drove by to hand out a cup of heartwarming soup to the care workers. A warm surprise that was much appreciated!

Over the past six months, Fidessa and Mats have written blogs that have been published on Frankwatching. Fidessa wrote about being news-weary. The coronapandemic exposes a phenomenon that was already there for some time: a surplus of information. This makes it difficult to stay well informed without going crazy from the delusion of the day. How do you keep your daily dose in check? Here you will find the answer. To close 2021, Fidessa highlighted the most striking communication moments of the second half of the past year. From the Glasgow Climate Agreement to Amalia’s 18th birthday. Continue reading here. Mats sat down with journalists to discuss press releases. How do they evaluate them? What do journalists pay attention to when receiving a press release? Read the article for concrete tips for the ideal press release from press release recipients.

At De Wolven we touch with stories that contribute positively. We make sure that the audience is moved and that a message really makes an impact. That means stories that hit home, for people, organizations and brands. And preferably for the world as well. And that is exactly what we are curious about in this new column: which stories touch us, and why? To whom would you like to ask a pointed question? And how do you try to touch others in a positive way? The first 5 funny questions we ask are from none other than Leonne van de Ven, founder of De Wolven. Read her answers here and take a look at our new website!



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