PR and media relations

Strong relationships with all your target audiences are the result of a successful PR strategy. One of the key elements is a good working relationship with the media in order to spread key messages to these audiences.

News, timing, creativity and clear messages all play an important role. Not only do we identify the newsworthiness of our clients’ stories, we also draw attention to them at the right time, choosing the right media (print, blogs, radio, TV) and right people (journalists, influencers, editors). It’s more than just writing and sharing a media release. Our work varies from generating free publicity to paid partnerships and everything in between such as press events, PR stunts or a personalised media approach.



Additionally, we can support with the development of press releases, setting up and executing a publicity plan, and, in the case of negative publicity, a solid crisis communications plan. We can work project-based or operate as a full press desk where we collaborate with the communications team while taking the complete responsibility for all press activities for a longer period of time.

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