Our services

What can PR mean for your company? PR and communications allow you to foster a warm relationship with your target group, as well as current and prospective clients, collaborative partners and suppliers. This takes a lot of time and energy and you want to make certain that you are reaching your audience the right way and with the right message. This is the territory of De Wolven (The Wolves)!

Running with the pack
Hitting the bullseye is our greatest talent. Hitting the target audience where they live; that’s what it’s all about. We do this by hunting where there is plenty of game. Social media, online, print, radio and television; we decide on the right mix for each client to get the best results. For example: We identify, create and share valuable content through traditional and new media. Besides that, we have a keen sense for identifying and translating newsworthy stories into publicity.

We are skilled at sniffing out opportunities and acting immediately to exploit them to the max.

We work fast, accurately and with an eye for detail.