Corporate communication

Effective corporate communication is indispensable in guiding an organization. From crisis communication to press information: clear corporate communication inspires confidence and creates a recognizable image for the target group, stakeholders, (future) customers and for greater involvement among staff.

De Wolven helps companies that are still looking for their why: why are they and for whom exactly? How do you wrap that in a message? Also seeing the fact that internal is also external. Because, when the staff is internally on the same page, you will communicate more clearly and strongly to the outside world. The next step is to look together to see which innovations and developments in the company support this message. We take a critical look, hold up a mirror where necessary and advise on the channels with which this message best lands with the target group.

For WPG Publishers we streamlined the communication between different departments, gave communication training to spokespersons and the reception (often the first point of contact for the media) and managed the social media channels. Currently we advise on the strategic communication regarding sustainability. For every project that touches on sustainability, we advise them in advance on the approach. This way we can manage communication in the right direction from the beginning.

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Create a strong corporate image
with optimal communication