Influencer marketing

From well-known YouTubers to Instagrammers: you can no longer ignore influencers. The importance of using influencer marketing for your brand or company is increasingly being recognized. In order to reach your target groups effectively, it may be interesting to collaborate with them. But what exactly is an influencer and how can you link them to your brand or campaign?

Social influencers

Social influencers are people with many followers on social media. These online influencers have gathered their many followers because they are perceived as a role model in a certain area. They have an intensive relationship with their followers and are seen as an important source of information due to the fact that they have a lot of affinity with the subject they are communicating about. Whether it is about sports, food, fashion and lifestyle or posts about their daily lives.

Our experience

De Wolven has strong relationships with social media influencers in areas such as societal issues, sustainability, interior, food and parenting. We know how to find the right influencers and how to make them enthusiastic for a collaboration.

For example, we used the help of influencers for the Dutch Melanoma Foundation to highlight the importance of regularly checking your spots. For Hertog Jan (a beer brewer) we devised a special tasting trip for a select group of culinary influencers, to let different experts experience the taste. We also brought together influencers from the world of art, architecture, food and lifestyle at the circular hotspot Circl with a culinary journey through the building.

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