Social media marketing

Social media are indispensable for the visibility of your product or service. But which social media are of added value for your organization and how do you deal with it? How often do you post something and how do you get more followers who are also interested in what you have to say? De Wolven has social media experts who can advise you on social media marketing and planning, who create social media campaigns or who take over social media management.

Sometimes starting your own channels isn’t the way to go. When a platform already has a lot of followers or friends it can be more effective to collaborate with them than to initiate a platform yourself. De Wolven has a lot of experience in involving existing social media influencers in the communication strategy. A few examples of successful cases are the Discover Your Spot influencer campaign for the Dutch Melanoma Foundation, the social media campaign for iktoon (a platform for amateur art) and the B2B LinkedIn campaign for Nederland Circulair (which is focused on circular economy)!

Social pr

Almost all media have their own social media channels with many followers and friends. Having your message published in a post from Libelle or tweeted by Linda magazine is just as valuable as getting your item in the newspaper. We make an inventory of the opportunities for our customers to get attention on these (social media) channels, what we call ‘social PR’.

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