De Wolven (The Wolves) operates from a creative hub on the Lauriergracht 116L in Amsterdam. Our team consists of Leonne, Eva, Jill, Chantal, Marre, Zoé and Joost. We develop innovative communications strategies and PR campaigns to translate them into visible results. To ensure a project’s success, a special team is put together, consisting of the right team members and skills.

In addition to the usual suspects, De Wolven has an extensive network of communications experts, designers and other creative people. In short, we are a one-stop-shop in the communications field.

The Wolves’ trade name is derived from merging the surnames of the two founders, Eva Wolf and Leonne van de Ven, to form wolven, which is Dutch for wolves. The team is hungry like…

Eva and Leonne are the female Romulus and Remus of the Wolves. The illustrious pair was raised by a wolf and founded Rome. So too, Leonne and Eva set out to create an ‘empire’ of their own and the rest is history. It’s been a howling success ever since.