The Wolves bites the bullet in fair coffee

14 May 2018

PR support WAKEcUPCALL Fairfood for good income for coffee farmers

Together with coffee-loving Netherlands, NGO Fairfood is calling on coffee brands to wake up on Thursday, May 17. Twenty million small-scale coffee farmers in Africa, Latin America and Asia? grow seventy percent of our coffee. They live below the poverty line of less than $1.90 a day. It’s time for fair coffee! The Wolves urges coffee lovers to share their support online at or with #WAKEcUPCALL. The Amsterdam-based public relations and communications agency is betting on media coverage and influencers to boost the wave movement.

Coffee lover wants change
In the Netherlands, we drink 30 million cups of coffee a day. And if it’s up to the coffee drinker, those cups will be poverty-free. Almost half of Dutch coffee drinkers (44%) are prepared to pay more for this. It is up to the coffee brands to guarantee the coffee farmer an honest price, according to 8 out of 10 Dutch people. If they don’t, there is a chance that they will switch: 41% would trade in their trusted coffee brand for a fairer one. This is evident from a representative opinion poll carried out by the research bureau Motivaction on behalf of Fairfood.

Waking up coffee brands
Fairfood is using various media channels and influencers to make the support of coffee-loving Dutch for poverty-free coffee visible. For example, a video will appear in which coffee drinkers are filmed with a candid camera while being woken up, and specialty coffee brands and conscious baristas have been mobilized in advance. They are giving their supporters a #WAKEcUPCALL through their own social media channels and in their coffee shops with promotional materials.

Blockchain coffee on the move
In addition to the campaign, Fairfood is involved in a large-scale coffee-on-the-blockchain project. Together with ID Coffees, the NGO is bringing blockchain coffee from Colombia to the Netherlands. The parties are making the journey of coffee fully transparent by logging each step with blockchain technology. In this way, consumers can see, among other things, how much the farmers behind that coffee have earned. Last year, Fairfood did the same with coconuts from Indonesia, making them the first party in the Netherlands to sell blockchained food.



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