New step in consumer protection for quality mark building inspectors

05 February 2019

As of this year, consumers can turn to the Disputes Committee in the event of a disagreement

The quality mark Vakkundig gekeurd has taken the next step in its mission to protect consumers when they have a professional architectural inspection performed. From now on consumers can contact the Geschillencommissie if they have a dispute with the company that performed the inspection. The condition is that the company concerned is a member of the quality mark Vakkundig gekeurd.

The right knowledge
The Geschillencommissie is an independent institute that handles disputes between consumers and affiliated inspection companies. The special Disputes Committee for Building Surveyors was recently set up and consists of a dispute judge, a representative of the Consumers’ Association and a building surveyor. With such a composition, complaints can be assessed with the right knowledge. The consumer does not have that certainty with a more general approach in the case of going to the (provision) judge.

Moreover, approaching the Disputes Committee is more accessible and cheaper for the consumer than a civil procedure. On the website of the Disputes Committee it is possible to submit a complaint directly online. The most common complaints that the commission is expected to handle are complaints about the cost of the inspection, compensation, quality of the architectural inspection and costs for the withdrawal of the inspection.

National coverage
The Disputes Committee is easily accessible and has extensive expertise in resolving and adjudicating disputes and complaints from consumers. “When consumers deal with an architectural inspector with the quality mark, they are assured of a professional and competent party, who also in the event of a dispute will solve the problem properly,” says Roland Knoester, managing director of Vastgoedpro, the initiator of the quality mark. “The fact that consumers can now turn to the Disputes Committee in the event of a disagreement gives them even more confidence. This is a great step forward for both the consumer in the housing market and the quality mark.”

In addition, all member companies work with General Consumer Conditions that were drawn up in cooperation with the Consumers’ Association. With these conditions, consumers are assured of clear, understandable agreements for the implementation of the architectural inspection. Meanwhile, about 80 architectural inspectors work under the mark Vakkundig gekeurd and it is estimated that more than 50 percent of all architectural inspections are performed under the label. Thanks to national coverage, having an inspection performed by a professional with the quality mark is accessible to every consumer.

About Vakkundig gekeurd
Expertly inspected is the quality mark that recognized and affiliated architectural inspection companies may use. These companies are affiliated with the National Quality Mark Building Inspectors Foundation (NKBK Foundation). Only inspection companies that meet the test requirements (at entry and during the inspection) are eligible for the hallmark. The independent Disputes Committee offers consumers the assurance that a complaint about a payment or a service provided will be assessed correctly and independently. On the website homebuyers can find affiliated inspection companies.



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