Low-sugar granola brand Oot grows rapidly due to demand for healthy breakfasts

16 July 2019

Founder Valentine van der Lande: ‘Next year 1 million healthier breakfast bowls filled’.

That the need for a healthy breakfast is growing is obvious to Oot Granola. From its flying start at the beginning of 2018, the online breakfast brand’s turnover increased tenfold within one and a half years. Oot has now filled over 250,000 breakfast bowls with its fresh low-sugar granolas and the counter of the number of customers in the Netherlands and Belgium already stands at over 10,000.

More need for healthy and convenience
Founder Valentine van der Lande started Oot initially out of her own lack. In the supermarket she could not find what she was looking for. “On the shelves I only saw crueslis and granola packed with sugar and other unhealthy additives. My goal with Oot is to make it easier for people to have a healthy and tasty breakfast. I expected that there would be a market for it, but this exceeds all expectations.”

Oot Granola sells its granolas primarily through its own website and delivers them to consumers’ homes in their mailboxes. The concept is a response to the rising demand for healthy food and convenience. On the one hand, the market for online food is growing rapidly. Consumers are increasingly ordering their groceries online. On the other hand, consumers are eating and drinking more consciously: they want to know where their food comes from, what it contains, what its nutritional values are and how it is produced.

One million breakfast bowls
Oot bakes four different artisan granolas with as many Dutch ingredients as possible. The online model ensures that Oot can deliver the freshest granola: weekly from the bakery via the warehouse to the customer’s doormat. Oot always contains at least 30 percent nuts, kernels and seeds. Each granola is organic, gluten free and contains one third of the sugars of normal granolas and crueslis in the supermarket, and only natural sugars.

Van der Lande’s ambition is to get more people to start the day right, so she wants to fill one million breakfast bowls with healthier breakfast cereals next year. Oot is also going to add new flavors to its granola range, including a special diet granola. Shell recently joined in and is now selling Oot granolas at Deli2go locations. At Eindhoven Airport, the healthy granola’s have recently been sold in a real Oot breakfast bar.



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