Alternieuw launches new tradition for fireworks-free New Year’s Eve

03 December 2021

This year there is a nationwide ban on fireworks during the New Year. Also the big fireworks shows will not take place because of the corona measures. So how do we usher in the new year? And what will we shoot into the air at twelve o’clock? The initiative Alternieuw comes this year with a festive and a more planetproof alternative for New Year’s Eve: Boemklatsers. Fireworks-free installations that anyone can make at home and which the whole neighborhood can enjoy. A new tradition with traditional Dutch fun for young and old.

Alternieuw wants to show that there are festive and planetproof alternatives to fireworks. So that not only we but also the generations after us can enjoy this celebration. A new tradition that brings people together, young and old together and creatively challenging. Initiator Rémi Bouwer: “Alternieuw is a love child between Burning Man and ter Land ter Zee en in de Lucht. A combination of a bold and surprising party in the street, art and science with well-known Dutch hospitality. Goosebumps guaranteed”.

Image: construction drawing Boemklatsraketje. © Dolly Warhol

Every year we put 4,200 kg of nitrogen, 3.5 million kg of CO2 and 250,000 kg of particulate matter into the air. Alternieuw asked a team of artists (including art collective ATMosphere), scientists and other creatives to design a Boemklats. This is a construction that can trigger a (series of) bang(s) or produce something visually spectacular. Making a Boemklats can be done with a group of people, making the creative chore a group activity leading up to New Year’s Eve. On November 27, Alternieuw launched its website, which features several examples of Boemklatsers with accompanying construction drawings.

Image: Boemklats Blader Fountain. © Jaap Scheeren

A new tradition
According to Alternieuw, the social and noise aspect of the Boemklatsers complements the well-known New Year’s Eve tradition. Human powered firework’ also contributes to this, for example in the form of a thousand clap fire where the whole neighborhood claps their hands simultaneously. Bouwer: “Alternieuw is a creative collection of alternatives that will be expanded upon in the coming years. An open search for the most creative, cozy, spectacular, but also increasingly planetproof alternatives where everyone’s idea is welcome. Celebrating New Year’s Eve together without killing tomorrow’s world.” Alternieuw hopes that the new tradition can be celebrated during a physical event next year.

More information, curious about the building plans or do you have an idea for a Boemklats yourself? Go to

About Alternieuw
Alternieuw is an initiative of Rémi Bouwer, owner of creative agency Dolly Warhol. Alternieuw wants to work with creatives, scientists and hobbyists to show them what festive, superfat, planetproof alternatives they can use to celebrate New Year. Alternieuw believes that things can be done differently. It’s time for a new tradition. It’s time for Alternieuw.



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