New acquisitions for The (Young) Wolves

20 December 2017

The Amsterdam-based PR and communications agency De Wolven is expanding its pack with two new trainees for De Jonge Wolven. During a ten-month traineeship, Franny Pouderoyen and Monique de Wolf (what’s in a name) will be trained to be true public relations champions. They will start work immediately with both existing and new clients and projects.

The Young Wolves
De Jonge Wolven (The Young Wolves) is an initiative of PR and communications agency De Wolven, where graduate communication talents with a fresh outlook work on projects at the client’s location or from the Wolves’ Nest in Amsterdam. Experienced Wolven advisors accompany the trainees for ten months with the aim of giving the young talents an opportunity to gain experience in the profession. At the same time, with their curiosity and eagerness, the Young Wolves give a boost to the creative brainpower of organizations.

Turning the rudder around
Young Wolf Franny decided to change course after completing her master’s in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. Partly due to her minor in Journalism and internship at the NOS, she decided to swap her law books for newspapers and online magazines. Young Wolf Monique used to be a Social Advertising Specialist at Second Degree (part of Dept), where she used paid advertising on LinkedIn for brands such as Philips and Microsoft. Looking for more creativity and strategy, Monique decided to make a career switch to the PR profession.

Getting started
Sitting still is not an option for the new generation. They immediately set to work with social media management for various clients, developing and implementing a LinkedIn strategy for Human Collective and organizing their own communication event during the Week of the Circular Economy.



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