KadS [Kunst aan de Schinkel] and ‘the magic of meeting’.

KadS [Kunst aan de Schinkel] is a biennial art event that takes place in the public space of the Schinkel neighborhood in Amsterdam, organized by the Soledad Senlle Art Foundation. This year the Vondelpark was added and it took place from July 25 to September 5, 2021. The theme of this edition was ‘the magic of meeting’ and thus proved to be extremely topical, although funnily enough it had already been established before the outbreak of the pandemic. Artists went out into the neighborhood and chose the location for their art. The art forms exhibited ranged from physical artworks to dance performances and from recited poems to a commune with Arnon Grunberg in which even a new religion was formed. It was up to De Wolven to help KadS get publicity in the media. An important task after a difficult period for the cultural sector.


After studying the program, we chose to send out two press releases. The first message was about the commune with Arnon Grunberg, the registrations for it and the kick-off of the art manifestation. The second message was about KadS itself, with peripheral programming and a description of the artists and their artworks. Both press releases were sent out widely to national and local media. We then approached cultural editors, local media, art magazines and freelance art bloggers personally.


The widely distributed press release about the commune resulted in an interview in the Reformatorisch Dagblad with Arnon Grunberg. The approach is a conversation about religion, evil and the commune. Furthermore, beautiful publications appeared in Het Parool and FD.Persoonlijk.

"A special and important project, because of course the cultural sector can use all the attention it can get and the people of Soledad Senlle Art Foundation had been so looking forward to this event. The corona measures made it an extra challenge: there was a constant need to switch quickly and look for solutions. But the joy with which this was handled made it a very nice collaboration with great results."

Mats Hopstaken, PR advisor
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